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Friday, 27 December 2013

Thinking That Should Julie Andrews Have

Julie Andrews They simply claimed he had, Julie Andrews but didn t bother to prove it. or may be you are thinking that you should have done that to your former lovers. have you not also realized that there are members in the tea party that are also democrats or, is your mind numb from watching too much chris matthews. so, i can comment like i want to wen its my candy di post. filhaal happy ff likh rahi hoon.


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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Placed Brandon Roy Life Scriptures

Brandon Roy They would be the first to tell you that accepts anyone who comes to him and repents. but has not placed life in the scriptures. congenital liars come under the category of men. O i was under the Brandon Roy impression it was an lte phone i just skimmed the specs, no lte what is going on edit wait, i just woke up, and thought we were talking about the one x. 15% of americans live in a household on food stamps 26% of households have someone enrolled in medicaid 2% have someone getting unemployment benefits 16% have someone receiving social security benefits 15% have someone in medicare.


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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Muhammad Booty Doris Day That Including

Doris Day Update after posting this, i received an email from sears about the kim kardashian kollection. Muhammad got 1 5 of the booty - that including raping captured women of the ambushes he organized of innocent civilians. Uh, deb he not ever going to do that. Are you going to criticise the immigrant community Doris Day too or dr tanveer ahmed i mean. Are you watching the goings on the mayor gets decent remuneration we ve only got a part time one now.


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Friday, 22 November 2013

That Joe Biden Said Were Take Tweak

Joe Biden So my suggestion to the salesperson is to communicate what you do and don t need to your manager in a professional way. that said, if you were to take it and tweak it so that you used it to numerically score news orgs on some anderson scale of dinosaur mammalness and then charted out those scores with regards to profitability, growth, revenues vs costs and other metrics of survivability in the digital age, then Joe Biden you d have something interesting. The co knows exactly what its doing by placing news stories such as this on their homepage. somewhere tonight a libturd sleeps peacefully in bliss, because as the saying goes ignorance is bliss meanwhile the foxbots and all the other conservatives keep watch. workforce democracy and fairness act h.


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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Really Saffron Burrows Have Screwed Country

Saffron Burrows Tam, how does it dissuade further research i m genuinely curious, as i ve stated here, and elsewhere, that i m no fan of the id movement. we d really have a screwed up country if he was elected. if zimmerman is judged Saffron Burrows guilty, he will suffer the penalty. we have plans to leave it better for the next generation than when got it. bulimuntu alina okutegera okukwe.


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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Corporations Have Eclipsed Lisa Rinna Nations Economic

Lisa Rinna That would open up Lisa Rinna more issues. corporations have eclipsed nations as economic entities. there is more important work to do for them. the va should offer outstanding services to assist them when they come home. @maya b it good that the troops (the majority of them, anyway) are coming home, but somehow it also bad that the troops are coming home and in any event president obama is to blame for it, but can take no credit for it.


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Saturday, 28 September 2013

These Series Even Compete Gordon Lightfoot Witht Mighty Pioneer

Gordon Lightfoot Reducing class size is a band-aid on the deeper problem of discipline. these series even compete witht he mighty pioneer kuro (for those who don,t know what that is, look it up). i just cannot put on my own mask to face others with even more masks on. if there was a top ten for controversial performances of all time, i d say these brave women were number one with a bullet. then, out of the blue, a check appears in the mail for some manufacturer rebate we had sent in for months ago and forgotten about for almost the exact amount that we were short Gordon Lightfoot that month.


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Been Doing This Free Service Clay Guida Over

Clay Guida Mitch fatouros, (greek american pimps, charities corrupted by politics, lobbies and criminal enterprises) ,. we ve been doing this a free service for over 10 years. Clay Guida Aye where the fuck is this where im from niggas is out for self, they not giving two fucks out here let alone some money. you seem to know very little about wp7- mango did not introduce the tile interface. The epc speaks of persons the use of all us citizens (that the priviliges or immunities clause) is misleading in that sense.


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Monday, 16 September 2013

That Catherine Zeta-Jones Water Vapor Most Powerful

Ja sam mislila da je on ovek ode rei, kad ono. of that 1%, water vapor, the most powerful ghg, makes ups 40% of the total. furthermore, calling names behind a wall of anonymity isn t helpful to a discussion about what best for grapevine, assuming that what you re interested in. will shift more production of vehicles bound for the u. i hope Catherine Zeta-Jones they will not come up with some figures from uromi for the pdp already, they lost ubiaja, the senator ,s home town, cos to president jonathan, igueben and oga charles home town.


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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

That Katharine McPhee Ignorant Going Stupid Know

Katharine McPhee I love gaming on my android phone, and that pretty much all i use it for other than texting phone calls. that you are too ignorant going to stupid to know and admit that does not surprise me at allabout you. pleasetake the time to educate yourself on the issue. i wonder if he will still have the same opinion now and if his members will still Katharine McPhee support his views now that the chicken has come home to roost. in this christian dominated era we ve all adopted the cultural norm of calling the season christmas, and actually i have no issue with that.


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Sunday, 08 September 2013

Focused Dr. Dre Loving Everything

Now, we know - he got his own cover i was really irritated when several websites declared he was dissed by not being included. and, if i am focused on loving , everything else will automatically fall into place. and because they filed under 1(b), they could not present any specimen to show how the mark would be perceived in context (i. the products claim to help asthma sufferers, for example, so why are you not targeting your sales pitch specifically towards people who suffer from asthma or allergies it claims to help reduce headaches, so why not find people Dr. Dre who you know to suffer from headaches, and sell to them or seek out people who have trouble sleeping, and explain to them that you have a solution. Ray, my history is not wrong, you misread what i wrote.


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Thursday, 05 September 2013

John Issue This Tish Cyrus Thread Missteps

Tish Cyrus People are dumb and complained to visa mastercard instead and charged back these charges, illegally. John the issue of this thread is the missteps in the search process for a new president for walla walla. taxes are only a portion of the economic picture, but yes, the top marginal rates need to go back up. i got Tish Cyrus an e-mail stating that in response to a comment i made on this web-site that you took me to task for advocating discrimination against women. so i understand the value of festivals (introducing new filmmakers and offering diversity etc) but i also know they can suck the theatrical out of titles, overhype and end up burning all involved.


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Sunday, 01 September 2013

Unless They Paul Casey Funny Help

Paul Casey He ll expect you to beileve him, he believes himself assad is a coward. unless they are so funny i can t help it. to make matters worse, one of koa developers had the chuzpe to declare their game the kickass alternative to skyrim. when democrats control the congress and presidency we will prosper, but when republicans take powere. i don t recall he has ever given his age, but i think he is somewhat older than Paul Casey i am (i am 55).


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Does Point Guard Kym Johnson Have Name Does Just

Kym Johnson He can ,t face the needle soon enough to suit me. does the point guard have a name Kym Johnson or does he just go by all-star hornets point guard. gerson, the mistake you make is to think that tea partiers, evangelicals and moderates will not unite and support the eventual nominee. in other words, maybe a staggered keyboard layout wouldn t quite fit neatly enough on some of their touchscreen phones. i just think that not enough these days.


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Friday, 16 August 2013

Have Also Seen People Move Here Viggo Mortensen Then Have

Viggo Mortensen Dallas pays for about 50% of dart but has 80% of the rail stations. i have also seen people move here, then have to move back. but when they do apologize, it ll be another non apology apology. but they created the hostility towards themselves by continually insisting we update flash and acrobat yet each version is larger, slower and takes more resources. second, what on earth is lanvin doing lately they used to be reliable for classy and interesting-looking dresses, but everything Viggo Mortensen i ve seen of theirs lately has been terrible.


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Friday, 09 August 2013

Understood When Jason Ritter Lowerlevel Child

Jason Ritter Can t perfect this or just erase any all crazy. as i understood it, when a lower-level child keyword is applied to a photo, all the keywords above it in the hierarchy will also be applied. i really enjoy to watch and do the bad . its a great idea in theory, Jason Ritter but i m just not sure how to put this national office into play and make it a reality. Ones to watch will be how well labour does in es , kent, east anglia and the midlands in marginal constituencies.


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Tuesday, 06 August 2013

When Gary Johnson Bows Voters Angie Harmon Will

Angie Harmon Why am i not surprised barton fraud and deception is well documented. Angie Harmon when gary johnson bows out, his voters will go to dr. she certainly deserves credit for the creation of this wonderful chant. and whatserhername klutz should shut her pie hole as well, the lying, demonic, hag. i don t answer the phone unless i know who it is.


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Friday, 19 July 2013

Please List What Tiffani Thiessen Chromebook That

But you using r-sim 3 ultra is support cdma - verizon and sprint (ios 5. please list what a chromebook can do that a windows laptop can t. buy a bag of groceries for the single mom struggling to make ends meet. if that what you based your half truths on, then you ll happily accept the article since they re full truths, right. when Tiffani Thiessen taken to task for his faux pas, he waited a bit til the furore abated, and then proceded to accept divinity.


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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Went Mostly White Bar Rafaeli School This Behavor

bar rafaeli We simply have to wait a bit for the ten minute chart to put in a wave 2 on d-wave, then all relevant time frames will be in wave 3. but i went to a mostly white school, this behavor is typical. therefore, you could invite the pissheads from your local pub round to her birthday party for all the difference it makes. these lemon poppy seed bites so sound delicious i love the big poppy seed muffins from costco, but i m guessing that these would be much more health-friendly. i don ,t drive, but if i did and a van was blocking my drive, rather than take pictures and post them on facebook accompanied by a nasty attitude, i would do this Bar Rafaeli completely radical thing and ask the guy nicely to move his van.


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Sunday, 07 July 2013

Switch Side Damian Lewis Debate Good Solves Your

Damian Lewis Dean a convictedcriminal, so ireally don t have a great deal of respect for him personally, and he also thoroughly discredited in terms of his veracity in thisand any other subject. switch side debate is good and solves all of your offense. it is no surprise that when there is endless complaining about the 50p tax rate it just infuriates people, especially now when they are going through an enforced austerity in order to pay for the colossal mistakes of our Damian Lewis banking industry. a classic case of i don ,t know what i am doing, but i do it anyways. Vamos a educar a ese pueblo para que sepan, que fue el ladron de luis mu oz marin el que acabo con la ca a,el tabaco,el tren y la agricultura en puerto rico.


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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Honesty Heels Bunch Gladys Knight Jobbers

Gladys Knight Snort ummm, bitter much lol wow, i guess you really don t like the cullens, but the whole point to their vegetarian life style is that they don t like or agree with the murderers, and they maintain a distance from them because of it. in all honesty, the Gladys Knight heels are a bunch of jobbers, and it pains me to say it for kaz and daniels. Why, why do they always leave out ron paul. I click it, and it immediately starts playing. Horde-based trivia team inappropriate for polite company - including myself, mythopoeia, carlosthedwarf, and a rotating cast of our friends, as well as occasional appearances from tsayguy, his lovely wife, and their friends - came so close to stomping faces last night at our biweekly big quiz thing appearance.


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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Women Children Noncombatanst Magglio Ordonez Southerners

Magglio Ordonez Me too, grew up with transformers and comics as a kid. women, children, non-combatanst, southerners, yankees and yes even the poor b lack folks. tr jorna fr n 60, 70 och 80-talet r helt verl gsna Magglio Ordonez dagens modeller. you may find in this blog what is missing in your life some humanity. sometimes i try to do a coleslaw with white cabbage and carrots.


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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Really Frustrating Ended Peter Sarsgaard Having

Comrade power more like comrade bullshit and moreso,you jc who talks as if he was circumcised twice should know better. it was really frustrating i ended up having to like rebuild the whole os to fix it. obj continue deceiving yourself, did you check online fora, i was told that not Peter Sarsgaard even one person supported you. he said (i try to translate) reforms, an end of violence, free elections. much more interesting is heather finding out her best friend, who she used to having around to moon after her, is cheating on her with herself.


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Against Boston Sean Connery Lose Games

He learned english, has an advanced degree in nuclear engineering here. and go 2 3 against boston - and lose 2-3 games against teams like indy, philly, we should be Sean Connery over 20 wins. i hope they get a judge that doesnt know either party because at this point it all the police work stinks. saying this, jimmy carter was a weak leader and called khomeini a man of peace and neglected the shah and weakened his regime as he brought forth human rights complaints while calling a mullah a man of peace. I love cecelia ahern, that book is definitely top on my list.


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Thursday, 06 June 2013

Just There Jennifer Tilly Leaving Laptop

Jennifer Tilly I ,ll let him wear his orange pants anytime if he lets me peel them off. i just had to sit there, leaving my laptop in the bag, and marvel at the fact that someone had designed something so beautiful into something that was Jennifer Tilly supposed to be as utilitarian as a library. you can now choose your ovulating time, date and symptoms of pregnancy at your home. Dude im so tired of getting rick rolled. i hope we have all shown that young adults aren ,t apathetic, and that we really do care about this country and our future in it.


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Saturday, 01 June 2013

Nevertheless Matt Damon Rewards Ventures

Matt Damon Ngerti juga kalo loe jealous da gua juga dulu sempet jealous berat waktu kepisah 4 bulanan ama si Matt Damon r2 seudah merit dan honeymoon. nevertheless, the rewards of our ventures are worth the risks we take. iya kalo banyak ponakan sih kebayang beli kadonya lumayan dahhhhh. this forum welcomes views of all kinds, including those some consider nonsense. steve harvey has written two books you will probably enjoy reading and find most helpful in this endeavor.


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Sunday, 26 May 2013

100 Teachers Teacher Jason Segel Need

The enteries are from my uncle book, the first time i went was 1966 that was with my aunt uncle as i was only five then my uncle went 78 times, i went 42 times with them and when i was old enough started hiring. 0, 000 teachers ,600 for a teacher i need to stop being a mechanical engineer and become a teacher. the typekit is alive and i hope so will gain more influence on web typography. there are an estimated Jason Segel 13 billion neurons in the human brain. then was sent back home to wait for ambulance.


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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nado Pozabit Razdori Tvoryashiesya Kathy Ireland Vnutri

Kathy Ireland Boarderline progressive metal with blues rock melted in. nado pozabit vse razdori tvoryashiesya vnutri nashego kvn-a, i ob edinitsya hotyabi dlya tvorcheskogo uspeha, u mnogih komand bili tolko po odnomu ili dva interesnih nomera. while it increases government revenues, the impact on overall inflation cannot be written off, especially if the price is significant. Kathy Ireland i needed an other artist to be a fan of, then i found tech, and almost every song i can relate to, him moving to mainstream does not worry me, he is more than 20 years in the game and he is never gonna dissapoint his old fanbase i think, he is a fan artist. they re trying to sound like a more contemporary version of the lettermen and not quite making it.


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Friday, 10 May 2013

Someone With Name Recognition Gilbert Arenas Know

Gilbert Arenas Steve sarich cannacare steve@cannacare. someone with the name recognition, know how, and connections needs to lead the way. whats next you can t have computers, because computers can be used for weapons. I am a giuliani supporter, so these poll results (if accurate) are good news for me. and Gilbert Arenas by some definitions of derivative, everybody work is derivative.


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Sunday, 05 May 2013

Koji Mickey Rooney Retard Ponadao Stvarno

Mickey Rooney Mck, looks to be turning into an ascending triangle. koji sam retard, Mickey Rooney ja se ponadao da cu stvarno da pokupim neku foru da polozim ispit u ponedeljak. a victim child who was totally ignored and made completely invisible by paterno the child was made to cease to exist paterno refused thought of theboy because he was working on an entirely different agenda. obama has enough talent immediately to run alaska in a shockingly amateurish manner. i love those moleskines he got one i want one.


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Wednesday, 01 May 2013

During Normal Bret Michaels Traffic Jams Bottleneck Lengths

Bret Michaels To talk to me directly write to tom@punkave. during normal traffic jams, bottleneck lengths usually reach equilibrium fairly quickly and the length of the traffic jam will extend much further than what is traditionally though of as the merging area. you may need additioal fund help to make what you have better more effective. i think whats important is that we embrace lots of formats as feeds, Bret Michaels as long as they are feeds. it is time, way past time, that filipinos put aside the pride and work for the future of their families and their country to honestly identify problems and start fixing them.


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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Love Gwyneth Paltrow Robe Awesomee

Gwyneth Paltrow B-2 cells are the conventional b cells most texts refer to. i love you as for the robe, its awesomee. actually, their plasma membrane contains only components of the respiratory chain, while the thylakoid membrane hosts both respiratory and photosynthetic electron Gwyneth Paltrow transport. the machine shop mix didn t do it for me at all. standing ovation for sheamus.


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Friday, 19 April 2013

With Muammar Gaddafi Abortion Thing

Muammar Gaddafi So, espn gave y ,all too much credit last year i remember a running ton of tsun fans proclaiming pretty much the same thing when criminoli signed with tsun. and if it had to do with the abortion thing i said, i m not one of those people with a strong huge viewpoint on abortion, i m just saying that at least the child got to live it life. we ll be seeing you thank you for your interest Muammar Gaddafi in make a difference. no matter his stats in high school, he is too short and too slow to make it as an sec quarterback, particularly in the west. rupert wants his sorry, lying ass there.


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Monday, 15 April 2013

What Hosta How Lazy Evangeline Lilly Internet

evangeline lilly I really love it when people challenge my thinking, and you have done it graciously. What a hosta (how lazy am i i m on the internet right now, and i m asking you the meaning of a Evangeline Lilly word instead of googling it. you can t distribute presence the same way. or any of these things which are belief systems (that happen to be compatible with atheism because they do not require deities). send me the address to this holidaze.


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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Vince Cable Take Over From David Manu Ginboili Tenant

Manu Ginboili It pays to remember this from time to time. 55 1 vince cable to take over from david tenant on doctor who. and if they persist, we ll give them such a dirty look. @346 that said, we still Manu Ginboili don t know what really going on. he not ready for the cut and thrust of fighting a political campaign.


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Thursday, 04 April 2013

Bush Parked Handicapped Gillian Anderson Spot

Of course, delusional liberals refuse to accept this fact. bush was parked in a handicapped spot. Sarah i love this sooooo much, you look amazing in red and i love that flower too. Dario - apparently you didn t watch the video before answering - i specifically didn t want to take medications, even tylenol pm, and i don t like warm milk. anderson silva is the best in the world, and although jones has the potential, he Gillian Anderson is still very young in the sport.


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Monday, 01 April 2013

Blir Verskott James Marsden Fler Muslimska

James Marsden She does nothing for people and manipulates everyone around her. blir verskott f r att det f ds fler muslimska m n n kvinnor pga att flickor aborteras av kulturella sk l i muslimska l nder. if saying what he said is James Marsden spreading hate, you ve got real problems. take your time, do it right, take care of your friend. Liberal iq test, would cutting the capital gains tax in half increase tax revenue to the government would cutting the capital gains tax in half boost the economy would the prices of goods and services go down or up if the capital gains tax is cut in half you know that tax on the 1%.


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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Have Mick Jagger Overeducated Millionaire

Mick Jagger What makes you think there will be any usual Mick Jagger tactic of having a few meetings on the quiet no, really, back it up. or we can have the overeducated, millionaire woman ignorant in history and short on accomplishment, who clings to the perpetual victim card and demands that ist amerika elect her. from there we rally nicely into year end. so any wave structure before that high is not part of the supposed diagonal triangle. those that have rode bullish wave counts have done quite well.


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Friday, 01 February 2013

Travel Hillary Clinton Down Laos Until Phan

Hillary Clinton Ok - you seem to have your mind made up and right now i have my mind made up. travel down laos until you get to si phan don (four thousand islands). move the project forward, as you so delicately put it, is not the same as approve the Hillary Clinton roundabout. we never invited you here, but you came in search of our wealth, those are the facts. Cmon how many bars have u been in.


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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Sure Brian Setzer Google Licenses Patents

Brian Setzer Hey wll, love the way you write and entice us to the point of drooling. i m sure google licenses its patents in one way or another, why don t we have a license that google wants in other profits too. especially if the new customer is paying for the oil instead of Brian Setzer threatening for the oil. i think for companies looking to get more exposure via bing or google, this is what counts. Look up labor union leadership salaries.


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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Against Alan Alda Carbonfoam Radiant Body That

Alan Alda Paratus congress enjoys an unlimited bank account under the fourteenth amendment. and against a carbon-foam radiant body, that Alan Alda nothing overly hot. as you say that would revolutionize a lot. finally, i was wondering, what the frick is the uranium nitride group going on about i mean, it is well known that uo2 and other oxides are remarkably stabile under years of full-power loading. it seems to me that yes - there is the saw factors but also an affinity for the unusual.


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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Fact Darwin Himself Suggest That Kristen Johnston There

Kristen Johnston It was as a seminary student preparing for the clergy that darwin received a critical part of his scientific foundation. in fact, darwin himself did suggest that there could be periods of rapid change but that these should be very rare. and we have plenty of unemployed researchers and technicians just ask around the west coast. reply to Kristen Johnston my critics biology and philosophy 16 685 709, 2001. these are the antipode and antithesis of the japanese.


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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

This Terry Rob Mariano Ward

Rob Mariano Change in interest rates), then it may be easier to justify to their constituents. And yes, this is terry ward, and yes, i Rob Mariano am a proud supporter of animal rights welfare. i think we forget about this part too, but it ,s a reminder that everyone is complicit here. rather, it the offensive play calling and the defensive schemes that are not working, and the locker room chemistry is rapidly getting worse, with the players rumbling against each other and against a coach who has resorted to criticizing them for his own lack of performance. sorry but they have a moral job here as well.


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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Church Kim Clijsters Sick Grave

Kim Clijsters Cut the cards and paid the mortgage. let the church Kim Clijsters dig its own sick grave. i am hard working and make myself worthy of my pay thru diligence and efforts. The prostate, lung, colorectal, and ovarian cancer screening trial in the u. why are you repubs so stupid i used to joke that all repubs had 2 digit iqs but it is comments like yours that prove it is no joke.


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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Taney Ellen Page Chief Justice Supreme Court

Ellen Page Nun excommunicated for allowing abortion for woman who faced near-certain death had she continued pregnancy (cbs) a nun was kicked out of the catholic church for approving an abortion in order to save a pregnant woman life. taney, chief justice of the supreme court of the united Ellen Page states issued a writ of habeas corpus commanding the military to bring merryman before him. so grateful to that guy, truly a great potus. he sees himself as a leader rather than a black leader, said glen browder, a former alabama democratic congressman and author of stealth reconstruction an untold story of racial politics in recent southern history. you are always willing to walk a while in the shoes of another, even when that person espouses views abhorrent to you.


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Thursday, 06 December 2012

What Selma Blair Critical Mass Many Children

Selma Blair I ve been saying it pretty much since it started, but the idea of free speech zones and other restrictions on protests is antithetical to democracy. what is critical mass- how many children and adults killed before some changes are made is that not what ab162 seeks to do try to stem Selma Blair the river of deaths. at work i drink the stuff that comes out of the machine. i can t wait to hear how the police groupies come out of the woodwork to spin this story. You moral hygiene conservatives are just as bad as the left.


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Monday, 03 December 2012

This Kenneth Branagh Anyone

Kenneth Branagh Mm bla bla bla, whats this really all about national parliaments around europe having to Kenneth Branagh make serious cutbacks in times of austerity and the eu staff of the ep, eu council, and commission all complaining that they cannot stay in there bubble wrapped euro world of extra perks, extrabenefits, and a early retirement age. this is not new to anyone, it is not new to downing, it may be new to tfb as she is clueless. we call it earned income credit). and i hope that i will see more news than the ones i can see on any channel, or in pretty much any main stream media outlet. how lovely for us being pawns in a war for oil and israel.


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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Trapped Under Some Wood Julianne Hough Digs

julianne hough Why does he not mention the costs to the public coffers caused directly by the bush era tax breaks both parties have failed the american people here. cam is trapped under some wood, digs his way out, and then cripple-walks back to the Julianne Hough cottage. our government is lying about the program, it doesn ,t work, and it is that way because our scoundrels and thieves in washington want it that way. Yeah she turned down a job at goldman sachs, after they emailed her offering her a ton of money, and she replied with no thanks. his parents were a communist and violent socialist.


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Friday, 09 November 2012

Quixotic Reggie Bush Understand That Real

Reggie Bush For apollo, no we got there with careful planning and not rushing. how quixotic i don t understand how that is real reform but i would like to share my opinion of the canada awful socialized medical care that floods our american medical facilities on our shared border with untreated and neglected canadian patients. so in between the concept of to be comedian and do some fun in between time of the presentation so the presentation can build the best positive impact. they still have the best file browser, that ,s for sure. they re losing market share and the latest blackberry phones are Reggie Bush at best only playing catchup with other smart phone performance and features.


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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Burgundy Proud Chazz Palminteri Fellas

Chazz Palminteri Muslims in india may not like this proposition but people of pakistan may praise indian leaders and initiate dialogue process to capture kashmir. ron burgundy i m proud of you fellas. for people who are far too rich to use me as a cpa and have teams of lawyers, Chazz Palminteri their rhetoric can be one thing, while their actions often show they will do anything to save a buck. the one that sells the most interest goes to capitol hill or pennsylvania avenue and the losers go to k-street until the next election when the roles may (and usually do) reverse because the electorate is aware that they have been lied to. phoenix is worse off today than it was 15 years and a million people ago.


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